Knife attack in London: One dead, six injured


LONDON: Central London police conveys that a woman has died and five others were injured in a carving knife attack in a central part of the city. The attack took place on Wednesday night at 10.30 pm. Early on Thursday a declaration from the London Metropolitan Police has conveyed that near to the British Museum, the attack occurred late Wednesday in Russell Square. The Guardian reported that a man called BBC Radio London informing them about the scene.

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On Wednesday 3 August reports of a man seen in possession of a knife injuring people at Russell Square. It conveyed that, six people were treated at the scene, and that the woman afterward died. The situation of the others was not right away known. The announcement conveyed that, one man was detained, and that a police officer had used a Taser stun gun. Police has also further conveyed that, terrorism was one possible motive following the attack. No other information was right away obtainable.

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