KJo gets help from Ranbir Kapoor’s fitness trainer


Karan Johar, who has been busy tending to his newborns – Yash and Roohi, has apparently not had the time to take care of his physique. The filmmaker is currently on a mission to get back in shape..

Reports recommend that Karan, impressed by Ranbir Kapoor’s physical change for the Sanjay Dutt biopic, asked him about his trainer, and RK instantly put him onto his fitness coach Kunal Gir.

Turns out, Karan’s immediate objective is to lose excess weight and get fit, and he is therefore following the ketogenic diet which is sugar-free and carbs-free. Kunal additionally included that KJo works out for 60 minutes every day and on the days when he suffers from a strained back, he is made to work out in the pool and do aqua therapy. It was additionally announced that Karan lost five kilos in the initial 15 days as he wanted to lose that sum before his birthday on May 25.