How a kitten took on a big cat and survived to tell the tale, Watch the hilarious video


If there’s one thing to be said in regards to cats, it’s that they are not afraid of anything. Take, for example, Baggy, a pint-sized housecat who took it upon herself to challenge a lion, otherwise called the king of the jungle. A video uploaded to YouTube by Derek Krahn demonstrates Baggy taking part in a stare-down with Noey, a lion, at The Center for Animal Research and Education in Texas, US. It’s an classic David versus Goliath situation, aside from the two are separated by a wire fence, and they’re felines. Minor differences.

One can see, in the video, that Baggy challenges Noey fearlessly, never once faltering, even in the face of discouraging commentary from Derek. She proceeds on her journey of demonstrating Noey who’s the real boss kitty, even as Derek pleads with her to abort the mission.

Watch the video below, and ensure you don’t miss Derek’s hilarious commentary.

Since being shared online one day prior, the video has gathered more than 50,000 perspectives, with many complimenting Baggy’s bravery.