Kim Jong-un to punish athletes who didn’t win medals at Rio Olympics 2016, may be sent to coal mines


North Korea: While every country is busy extending a warm welcome to its Olympic athletes, North Korean athletes are worried about their life post Rio Olympics. Apparently, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un is unhappy with the medal tally of his country’s athletes, as he expected many more of them and the hapless athletes managed to bag only seven medals, at the Rio Olympics 2016.

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If reports in the media are to be believed, the tyrant leader has decided on an exorbitant punishment for the athletes. Jong-un will reportedly make those who lost at the Rio Olympics work in coal mines! But that’s all. The ill-fated athletes will also be told to leave their residence and their ration cards will also be confiscated. This might drive these athletes to starvation, as people can access food grains only from government ration shops in North Korea.

According to a report by Jansatta, Kim Jong-un will reportedly also make the family members of the athletes work in a coal mine. It’s pertinent here to mention that Kim had given North Korean athletes a target of at least five gold medals and at least 12 other medals. However, the contingent returned home with two Golds, three Silvers and two Bronzes. The country’s this year’s Olympics contingent disappointed in comparison to their performance in the London Olymoics where Pyongyang’s athletes had won four Gold medals and two Bronzes. This is not the first time that North Korean athletes will be punished for disappointing at a sports event.

Earlier at the 2010 Football World Cup, when the North Korean team had lost, the players of the team were similarly punished. They were first made to work as labourers in coal mines and then banished and abandoned out in the cold. Kim Jong-un is reportedly even more irked by the fact that North Korea’s enemy nation South Korea has won more medals than North Korea itself. In fact, the latter far outperformed the former, with an impressive tally of 21 medals at Rio Olympics, out of which nine were Gold.

Kim Jong-un was reportedly also fuming after one of North Korea’s winning gymnasts broke the code to pose for a selfie with a South Korean gymnast. Hong Un-jong had invited the wrath of the North Korean leader, when she had posed for a selfie with a gymnast from the enemy nation, in a gesture that was seen by Kim Jong-un as fraternising with the nemesis. Many had speculated that Un-jong was likely to face the backlash from the North Korean ‘Supreme Leader’, for the picture.

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