Kiev car bomb kills colonel in Ukrainian military intelligence


On Tuesday a colonel in Ukraine`s military intelligence was killed by a car bomb in central Kiev, the defence service stated, portraying the episode as a “fear based oppressor act”.

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Police said a hazardous gadget in the vehicle exploded at 0516 GMT while the car was moving, killing the driver and injuring a bystander.

“Because of (the blast) an individual from the defence ministry`s main intelligence department, Colonel Maksim Shapoval, was executed,” the defence ministry said in a statement.

The police and the ministry did not give more details or say who could be behind the assault.

Since battling with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine softened out up 2014, the quantity of episodes including explosives outside the contention zone has expanded, however car bombs are generally uncommon.

The last major episode in Kiev happened in July, when an unmistakable investigative journalist, Pavel Sheremet, was executed by the explosion of a dangerous device in his car.