Kidnapped Kolkata Woman Judith D’Souza rescued from Kabul


Kolkata: An Indian Women Judith D'Souza was rescued on Saturday morning who was abducted in Afghanistan capital Kabul.  The Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj informed of her being rescued in this morning. Swaraj also further conveyed that, I am happy to inform you that Judith D'Souza has been rescued. On June 9 D'Souza was abducted, as she was returning home in Kabul.

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On June 10, in the morning, the family members of D'Souza had conventional a call from the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan notifying them of her being abducted in most probabilities. While then, the family wrote the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Swaraj on numerous occasions. A day before, D'Souza's brother, Jerome had met the Minister Swaraj in person and she had assured her that his sister will be brought flipside home secure. She had been working with an NGO – Aga Khan Foundation for a year in Afghanistan. The 40-year-old Judith was working for an international NGO Aga Khan Foundation in Afghanistan as a senior technical adviser for one year. She was kidnapped by suspected militants from outside her office in the Taimani area of Kabul. Judith's family had been making emotional appeals to Swaraj for her safe return to India since her kidnap in June.

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