Kidnapped at 12, the child trafficking survivor was sold to nine different men


Delhi: She was 12 when she went to a swarmed market, not a long way from her home in the old quarters of Delhi, to purchase a few staples and all of a sudden being Forced to sniff something.She woke up in hell.

"There was a room brimming with young ladies, some young , some older … Some were crying, some unconscious… I was told I am in Ambala and will be sold off," she says, now 22, her skin a terrible canvas of scars, smolder marks, chomp wounds, infusions and different signs of torture

What took after 10 years of unspeakable horror Story with Drugs, rape and Abuse . She also had two kids, who were Separated from her.She was sold to nine distinct individuals for sums from Rs 15,000 to 20,000. She was tranquilized and even infused with hormones.

"I used to open my eyes and end up in a better place," she says, fiddling with her dupatta, her eyes topping off at the memories as she sharing her story to Media, back in her childhood home with her mom. They were eight sisters who, critically, seem to have segregated themselves from her.

A month ago, she figured out how to escape from the hell – a group of child traffickers – with the assistance of a bar dancer,  she made it to her mom after 10 years."They beat me and made me work in the fields throughout the day without Food. Around evening time, the food was given was mixed with drug and after that they assaulted me," said the Victim.

In 2009, three years after she was kidnapped , she was sold to a 66-year-old man in return for gold. They were hitched in a Gurudwara; she was infused with hormones so she could look more older than her 15 years.Within a year, she had her first son. After two years, she had another child. Both were separated from her.

"The old man died after two years. His siblings and their children would assault me consistently. His sister kept one of my children and sold me to somebody alongside my more young one. I was requested that work in the fields and individuals' homes throughout the day, my body would surrender and I began falling sick, so they sold me once more."

Today, all she needs is her youngsters back. "I lost my adolescence, missed my mom and kin… I don't need my kids to endure the same way," she sobbed.

Her declaration prompted the capture of the greater part of the men who abducted, struck and sold her. However, the group of her significant other is absent alongside her children.No less than twelve posses of traffickers work in Delhi, say the police, and their web spreads to Punjab, Gujarat and West Bengal.

Upwards of 22 youngsters disappear each day from the streets of the capital. More than half are young ladies somewhere around 8 and 15 years. As indicated by the Delhi Police, 2,683 youngsters were accounted for missing in the most recent year.One lady figured out how to escape however numerous more stay caught in this loathsomeness.