Khandvi Recipe



Besan – two cups

Turmeric – half a spoon

Green pepper – one spoon cut

White mole

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Refined Oil – Two Tablespoons

Curry leaves

Lemon juice – one spoon

Salt to taste

Dal Tadka Recipe


Method :-

First, add gram flour, turmeric, green chilli, lemon juice, salt in a vessel and mix it well. Now boil with one or half cup of water in a pan.

Mix this gram flour in this hot water and cook well. Spread this mixture into a flat plate.

If it is a bit rigid, cut it slender and make a roll. Now in a pan, sprinkle hard leaves, sesame seeds, mustard seeds and salt.

Dodha Barfi Recipe

Sprinkle it on besan rolls. Serve these rolls with coriander sauce or sauce in the breakfast.