KFC plans to send a chicken sandwich into space


In a promotional stunt that is really out of this world, fast-food chain KFC plans to send a chicken sandwich into “space” with the help of a high-altitude balloon. Well, technically, the burger will go to the edge of space and, obviously, Twitter has a lot of questions about the entire exercise.

KFC is partnering with World View, an organization that makes stratollites, or high-altitude balloons, on the venture. As per KFC, its Zinger chicken sandwich is planned to take flight on or after June 21. The dispatch will be broadcast live on the web.

As per a promotional site, the “Zinger 1 Space Mission” will take the chicken sandwich to “new heights. Specifically, heights around 80,000 feet straight up into space.”

KFC says the Zinger will go to the stratosphere where it will remain between 60,000 and 80,000 feet over the Earth’s surface for four entire days. “The stratosphere is considered ‘near space,’ where all the good chicken sandwich missions are set.”

World View co-founder Taber MacCallum clarifies while the “chicken sandwich payload is somewhat entertaining,” the “one-of-a-kind marketing experiment” allows the organization to reach out to a more mainstream audience. “The Stratollite was made to convey more routine and meaningful access to space for all, and this mission allows us to give edge-of-space access to a commercial client that would previously deem a project like this unimaginable.”

Twitter, obviously, has a lot of thoughts about the unique promotional campaign:

What a time to be alive!