KFC : Now You Can Charges Your Phone While You Eat !


India’s new meal box that will now include a USB port for you to charge your phone.


KFC India has a solution to your biggest first-world problem of never having enough charge on your smartphone. Now, if you order a 5-in-one mealbox, it would come in a pack that can charge your phone.

These limited edition boxes will come with a built-in powerbank and a USB cord, and will be called Watt a Box, quite rightly so!

These boxes are however, not for sale. But they can be won by participating in a week-long contest on KFC's Facebook page or in limited stores in Mumbai and Delhi.

KFC brought this feature to "introduce an element of utility" in their 5-in-one meal box, as reported by Mashable.

Next time, you're at KFC, it will not just be you who is getting a fill!