Keralites are the real Indians: Justice Markandey Katju


Justice Katju made this remark  in a Facebook post that he put up on Thursday. Explaining as to what makes him think so; Justice Katju said that the Malayalis deserve this title as they have in them "the quintessential qualities of Indians". He praises for Keralites, whom he described as "the real Indians".

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Writing further, Katju says Keralites live united and in harmony, “and therefore they are symbolic and represent the whole of India. So they are the real Indians, and all of us must try to emulate them and imbibe their spirit”.

According to Katju, Keralites are found in every nook and corner of the world. "When I was a University student and lawyer in Allahabad I would often go to the Coffee House. I found that most of the waiters there were Keralites, and I became friends with many of them. In many hospitals in India and abroad the nurses are Keralites. I believe there is no illiteracy in Kerala," he wrote in the post.

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