Kerala HC refused stay on Centre’s cattle ban


Kochi : On Wednesday, The Kerala High Court declined to put a stay on the ban imposed by the Centre on the sale of cattle for slaughter.

The following hearing for this situation is booked to be heard on June 28.

Prior, the high court had upheld the Center’s choice, while the state government had contradicted the request issued by the Central Environment Ministry in controlling the offer of cows.

The high court watched that there is no prohibition on steers butcher or devouring meat, yet the bill just bans extensive scale offer of dairy cattle through enormous markets.

The court had asked whether the warning has damaged the key privileges of the subject or the notice contains any provision that obliges the work laws, taking after which the candidate pulled back his appeal.

Prior, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had said that he will require a meeting of all the Chief Ministers, stating that the Union Government does not have the privilege to issue such a request.

“The Union Government does not have the privilege to issue this request. This is state’s matter and controls have no lawful legitimacy,” Vijayan said amid a question and answer session, including that the lawful sacredness of the new change needs established legitimacy.

“There are a number of clauses which are violating the state’s basic rights. There are certain norms that the animal marketing committee has to look into. For example, the owner and buyer have to maintain a certificate which is not feasible and thereby we have decided to question the law in the court of law,” he added.

He further announced that they will discuss the issue with opposition party leaders and summon a special assembly to discuss the issue.

“Union Governments order not only prevents the killing of animals but also prevents the sale of cattle also. It has to be examined that whether Centre has the power to issue this order. Will discuss the issue with opposition party leader and summon a special assembly to discuss the issue,” he added.

Drawing a huge backlash from various fractions, Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change Harsh Vardhan ordered that the ministry has notified the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Regulation of Livestock Markets) Rules, 2017 to ensure that the sale of cattle is not meant for slaughter purposes.

He said the seller and buyer both have to ensure that the cattle is not being bought or sold across the country’s livestock markets market for slaughter purposes.

The rules also state that the purchaser shall not sacrifice the animal for any religious purpose or sell it to a person outside the state without permission and must keep in with the state’s cattle protection laws.