Kerala BJP leader K Surendran favours women’s entry in Sabarimala Ayyapppa shrine


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:  BJP Leader has supported the entry of women of all age groups in Kerala into the famous Sabarimala shrine temple.  He said that, “Lord Ayyappa is not a misogynist and menstruation cycle is a law of the nature and should be viewed as sacred". 
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BJP State General Secretary K Surendran has given the suggestions on Facebook post stating that, the doors of the temple must be remained open throughout the year  for 'darshan' to decrease the heavy rush of people during November-December season.

"Lord Ayyappa is a naishtika brahmachari (perennial celibate). That does not mean that he is a misogynist. We should not forget the fact that Lord Ayyappa gave young Goddess Malikappuram a seat just next to him (at Sabarimala)," the 46-year-old leader said. 

"And, is not menstruation a law of the nature? Isn't only because of that the human race exists? So, I think, we should consider it as something sacred," he added.

He stated that, the entry of children between the age 10 to 15 years must be allowed to the temple.

Moreover, his decision was opposed by the Travancore Devaswom Board.

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