Kerala based IS man ‘died’ in Afghanistan


KOZHIKODE: The Kerala based Islamic State man is supposed to have been killed in military operations in Afghanistan. He has been identified as Shajeer Mangalasseri Abdulla.

As per the reports, he was behind the enrollment of a number of Malayali youths to the Islamic State (IS).

On Monday, a social activist B C Abdul Rehman got a WhatsApp message that included photograph of Kerala based IS man. An Islamic state organization member, Ashaq had informed Rehman by sending message.

“I had asked him about the veracity of the news related to the death of IS chief Abu-Bakr Al Bagdadi. In reply I got this message, which reads ‘Shajeer – May Allah accept him’ with a photograph of the body,” Rehman stated. He added that, nothing else was mentioned in the message. Ashfaq told him about the death of three other persons from Afghanistan who had joined the IS.

As per the police sources, Rehman refused to finalize the news stating that the face of the person was not visible in the photograph. Though, police officials confessed that they also got information three months back that Shajeer might have been died. Since March, Shajeer’s Facebook account was found inoperative.

Shajeer took education in engineering from the National Institute of Technology-Calicut (NITC). Later, he started working in Dubai before connecting to IS. He is considered to be behind the radicalization of a section of Muslim youth through the blog Al Muhajiraun, which included IS publicity material in Malayalam. During the probe of IS cadres, his name was revealed and he was detained from Kanakamala in Kannur 2016. The detained persons had admitted that Shajeer was giving orders to them through a group created in Telegram app.