Kentucky Farm : Calf Born with Two Faces


CAMPBELLSVILLE   Stan McCubbin of Campbellsville Told the media that when he first saw the calf he thought that he has twins but very soon he realized that he had something more unusual than having twins.

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He had a female calf who had two mouths, two noses and four eyes though the niddle two eyes does not function.

He furthe added that the cow can walk but she always walks in circles and ends up in falling always.

The family told that calves with such genetic disorders are still born but they all used to die as sson as they were born, so far this calf is healthy and is eating well.

McCubbin’s wife told yhe media that their 5-year old daughter, Kenley, named the calf Lucky because the calf is lucky to be alvie unlike the other calves.

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