Keeping these things in purse leads to lack of money!


In Shastra, several rules and remedies have been mentioned that helps the person to overcome problems associated with money.  Among these rules and regulations, some of these have been cited related to purse. You should never keep those things in your purse. If such things are in your purse, then you will always face problem of lack of money.

Donate these things on Sundays for auspicious life!

First of all, keep in mind that in your purse there should be no paper attached to any kind of bill or payment.

Keeping the keys in purse is also not considered auspicious. The keys should also be kept aside from the money.

It is also wrong to have objectionable photograph in purse. This leads to negativity in life and ends the purse life.

With the notes in purse, the pictures of dead people should never be kept.

Offer this flower to Lord Shiva to get your desired life…

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In the purse, never kept bill, cash or receipt of tickets as it may lead to dispute among people.