Keeping These Things In your House Prevents Poverty


For giving habitat to well-being here are some that things should always be kept in your home. If these things are always present in the house there will never ne impoverishment.  Let us tell you about things that helps in keeping poverty away from home: –

Relationship between Vedic and Western Systems

The water in the house should never end. Water is considered as the god. Therefore their presence in the home gives habitat to well-being.

Cow's ghee is good to keep in the house, as well as we should pay a cow ghee lamp in the temple of the house once a day.

Honey should be kept at a clean and safe place at home, it will continue to bless the house and reduce wasteful spending.

The goddess of knowledge and wisdom, Goddess Saraswati always have veena  in her hands. In mythology, Goddess Saraswati is shown seated on the lotus. Sludge can not touch the lotus which blooms in the mud. So the message we want to give by telling that Goddess Saraswati sits on a lotus is that no matter how bad we may have to remain in the environment, but we must prepare ourselves that we should not get influenced by the evil environment.

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