Keeping these signs at home is beneficial


Some items are considered auspicious symbols, and infuse the home with a positive energy. These favorable items include Om, Swastik, Tue vase, Panchsulk and Pisces. Placing them in the home purifies the environment of the house. There is always peace maintained in the house. Now let us tell you what are the benefits and how it will work …..

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Om sign: –

Om symbol is considered very important in the vastushastra, Om symbolizes the creator of the world god Brahma. By placing the sign of Om in the house infuses a certain type of energy into the house that produce disease-destroying forms of energy. You can put it on the place you want.Swastika sign: –

Swastika symbol is used since ancient times, the swastika symbol is a honourable sign for the Hindu. It is also very important in vastushastra. If you feel that you are suffering from problems related to wealth, and the wealth is flowing like running water in your home, then surely bring swastika symbol. Keep the signs on either side of the main door of your home.

Tue vase –

Tue vase is an essential part of Indian tradition in which through symbols good fortune are invited. The vase is made up of soil, in which pure water is filled. Ashoka leaves or the leaves of mango is also used. According to Vastu Shastra keeping Tue urn communicates positive energy in the home.

Turmeric hand print: –

According to Vastu Shastra Panchsulk i.e. house turmeric mark near the main door of the house, brings happiness and prosperity. This sign is essential for every home to make it disease free.

Pisces the Fish symbol: –

The old the vastushatra is, the importance of the sign of Pisces is probably even older. Since ancient times sign of Pisces was considered auspicious. According to Vastu Shastra symbol of pisces should be kept in the north of house. This would benefit money , if you do not want to keep the sign for long in this direction you can also keep a fish aquarium. It is believed as an important task, before going out of the house to see the sign of Pisces, you will succeed in your work.

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