Keeping broken glasses in home bring negative energy


Many things in the vaastushastra are considered to increase the negative energy which results in money to reduce and conflicts to increase in the house and workplace. Not keeping such things in the house is the best thing to do. In the absence of information, people often keep them safely in their homes and continue to face difficulties. Do you know by keeping which things in-house negative energy is generated. Let us show you which of the things bring negative energy in the home …..

Keeping these signs at home is beneficial

According to the vaastushastra keeping the statue of goddess Kali in the home, negative energy is invited in the home

Keeping a watch at home which has stopped working, brings negative energy in the house.

According to the vaastushastra any statue of god or goddess which has been broken or pictures of god and goddess which are old should not be kept in the house, it increases the effect of negative energy in the house.

If a Shivling is brought to the house it brings negative energy.

Broken mirrors, window panes or glass doors should be replaced immediately. According to vaastushastra broken mirrors are considered a deterent in income and reason in the increment of conflicts with people.

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