Keep these things in mind during Navratri 2017


The festival of Navaratri is going to commence soon. It will get start from 21 st of September and will last for nine days. It is very important to take care of certain things in nine days of Navratri. If you do this, your every wish will be fulfilled. On the day of Navratri, many people fasts for the entire nine day. The people must take care of several things during these nine days. Check out here:

Looking too much in mirror can create trouble

During Navratri, there should never be consumption of liquor. At the same time, lemon and hair should not be cut.

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These days do not sleep in the afternoon. You never get the benefit of fast.

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During the Navaratri worship, there is special significance of Durga Pooja. It is done during the end of Ashtami date and the start of Navami date.

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