Keep these things in mind while planting Money Plant according to Vaastu


When it comes to the Vaastu of the house, everything determines according to the vaastu of your house. Vaastu has been fixed for each part of the house. Vaastu has set direction for each plant.

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If planted in accordance with these directions, the house is beneficial in several ways. If planted in the wrong direction it can cause damage.

Money plant plants often can be seen Indian households. When planted it increases the wealth and prosperityl. But molt pointed money plant may cause economic losses.

Keep these things in mind particularly-

Don’t let it dry – Fading or becoming white of money plant leaves is considered inauspicious. Keep watering the money plant daily and scorch away the white or faded leaves.

Do not keep in this direction – Moneyplant should not be kept in Northeast (north-east) ever. It would bring loss of money, as well as have negative impact on health and relationships.

Don’t spread on the floor – The stems of the money plant should not be spilled on the floor of the house. This situation has negative effects.

Profit – Keeping the money plant in south-east direction is considered the best. It is considered as the direction of Ganesha.

Never keep it in this direction-. It should not be in east-west direction. It could bring strain in the relation of husband and wife.

Plant it in the house- Planting the money plant indoors is good than planting it outdoors. It can be planted in pots or bottles.

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