Keep Nuts in your Safe And You Will Never Run out Of Money


Money, jewelry and other valuable items are kept in the safe. In the case, the place should be very sacred and full of positive energy. So that you never have to face financial crisis. If there is any negative forces active around the vault there would never be sufficient money in the house.

Power of “Yagna” in Rig Veda By Professor M.K. Dave

To remove Wastudosh worship lord Ganesha on an auspicious day offering a special pooja.

A Nut is kept to symbolize Lord Ganesha during the pooja.After the worshiping is over keep that nut in your safe. Lord Ganesha after the pooja resides in the nut used in pooja. By placing it in the safe the vicinity of sacred  and positive energy will be active around and will not generate vault Wastudosh around. This Nut is very miraculous. The person who is the perfect nut does not see any cash-strapped, there is always enough money to him.

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