Keep few things in mind before getting intimate for the first time!


1 Remove your body hair

Remove all your pubic hair and under arms hair. It will help you to sweat less and you will enjoy the moments instead of any awkwardness.

2 Make sure your partners is ready for it.

Don’t make a first move before your partners approval. If you want to take your relationship to next level then discuss about her.

3 Don’t expect anything

Don’t expect more or less. If it will be not satisfying then you'll be disappointed or if its more than your expectations then you'll not be able to concentrate on your performance. so its better make it simple or you'll end up spoiling your mood.

4 Use protection

Use protection as it will protect you from any sexual disease and you'll not have any doubt for pregnancy

5 Ask your partner how they are feeling

Ask your partner if they are comfortable with it or anything making them uncomfortable. You should always pay attention to them. Don’t ignore them while having pleasure.

6 transparency in relationship

Don’t give false names to your relationship and false promises for pleasure.