Keep Crystal-tree in the house for prosperity


According to vaastushastra the crystal-tree is used to create well-being, dignity and peace in the house. The plant may sound fictional in hearing but the reality is that this plant is very important in the Chinese system. The plant is made of different types of stones and crystals. By keeping this plant at home negative energy is never developed, positive energy always stays at home. Let us tell you about it ….

Keeping broken glasses in home bring negative energy

Navratan tree used for the peace of nine peace, and the happiness of family.

According to the vaastushastra the Amethyst tree maintains the balance of the brain.

Decorated with colorful gems if the plant is kept in the north-west area of the house is definitely good luck to the person who raises a livelihood.

It can also be placed in the south-east direction in the house.

Keeping it at business place brings good fortune.

It also can be placed in the meeting. This performs another important task to remove negative energy.

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