Katrina Kaif threatens photographers Once Again!


Mumbai: Bollywood hottie Katrina Kaif has often showed her displeasure for paparazzi.  A few months back, Katrina Kaif had lashed out at some photographers and had also threatened to file a police complaint against them for following her around and clicking pictures and a similar incident happened recently when Katrina was practicing for her upcoming world tour event.

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Buzz has it that Katrina was busy rehearsing at choreographer Ganesh Acharya's studio for an upcoming world tour, when she reportedly fell sick and had to call a doctor to check on her. However, while on her way out of the studio in some time, the Brit beauty was spotted by photojournalists, who started clicking her when she was entering the car. This angered the actress who wasn't feeling well already and she gave the photographers a good tongue-lashing and also threatened to file a complaint against them.