Kasich walked out of the Republican contender, pave the way for Trump


Washington. Ohio’s Governor John Kasich has withdrawn his name from the Republican candidateship, and now Donald is left alone to run in the race who is going to be the face of Republican in the elections scheduled on 8 November.

Kasich told his supporters in Ohio, “I am stopping my campaign right here, there is a belief in my mind again, I deeply believe that God will show me the way ahead and will fulfill the purpose of my life.”

Vying to become the Republican candidate Kasich withdrew his name in the end from the 16 other candidate.  He is a popular governor in Ohio who is holding the post from last 2 terms, but his president campaign wasn’t special. He could only win hearts in Ohio. And from primary elections held in 40 states and Caucus, he has been supported by 150 delegates so far.

Kasich being emotional said, “The people of our country have changed me. Their life stories have brought changes in my life.”

Unlike his other Republican rivals, Kasich drive positive campaign but it was not enough to slow down the pace of Trump.

After knowing about the Kasich withdrawing his name from campaign, Trump said in an interview regarding this, “Its good thing and very interesting too.”

Astound Trump said, “Kasich withdrawn his name, it’s a big thing. I never thought this would happen.”

Since, Trump is the only remaining contender in the race to become the Republican candidate, so the coming Convocation going to happen in July at Cleveland is to be understood as a mere formality.

 Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has also halted his President campaign on Tuesday after being defeated in the Indiana Primary.

Stating the importance of economic development, Kasich said in his speech, “Economic development gives a new hope and an opportunity to the people to live their dream. And without jobs the family becomes weak, the community weakens, country gets damaged, neighbors become vulnerable and country struggles too.”

He further added, “If authorities continue their work ignoring the election and leave the fear of not being chosen again or criticism, the economic growth can be achieved.”