Kashmir Violence: More than 3,300 security personnel wounded


Srinagar: Police officials has also conveyed that, more than 3,300 security personnel have been wounded in over 1,000 aggressive occurrence in Kashmir since the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani in an attack with security forces on July 8. On Sunday a police representatives has also further conveyed that, as July 2016, 3,329 personnel from Jammu and Kashmir Police and Central Paramilitary Forces have been injured while upholding law and order in the valley.

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He conveyed out of these injured personnel, many have undergone grievous injuries counting numerous fractures. He also further conveyed that, near two personnel from JKP were slayed in the violent protests in the valley. The representatives conveyed that, a total of 1,018 occasion of violence were accounted throughout this period for which 1,030 FIRs were recorded in dissimilar police stations of the valley. He has also further conveyed that, as many as 29 installations counting police stations, police posts and other administration establishments were set ablaze and 51 damaged by the protesters.

Submitting to attempts of police to end the violent protests, he conveyed more than 1,000 accused have been arrested and "bound down in different police stations of the valley". Fifty-two persons — typically young boys — were killed and more than 5,000 others injured in clashes with security forces. More than 200 residents have been hit by pellets in their eyes with many of them at the risk of losing eyesight, leading to calls for concluding the use of pellet guns as a weapon for crowd control.

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