Karunanidhi demands for an interim CM


To fulfill the important needs of the people,  DMK Chief M. Karunanidhi madea strong case for an interim arrangement in Tamil Nadu. He said that an active government was need of the hour when files were piling up and the Central team was touring various dams. “Ministers have forgotten the existence of the secretariat and officials remained indifferent. Though the Chief Minister was expected to return home in a few days, the new bulletin from the Apollo hospital has made it clear that she needed a prolonged stay in the hospital,” he said in a statement.

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To drive home the point that the functioning of the State government had come to a standstill, he had quoted N. Ram, former Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu, that the government was not functioning and officials were running the show.

“But ministers are not functioning. This does not mean that they are interested in doing their job. They are not in a position to do their work as they lack courage to take decisions. The power in concentrated in one hand. An alternative arrangement is needed as the government is not functioning. As per the Indian Constitution when the Prime Minister or Chief Minister is not able to perform an alternative arrangement should be made,” Mr. Karunanidhi quoted Mr. Ram as saying in an interview to the BBC Tamil Service.

Mr. Karunanidhi said since Chief Minister Jayalalithaa was in hospital, her ministers and officials were not able to take decisions on vital issues like the Cauvery Water dispute without consulting her. “The State is facing a situation in which nothing moves,” he said.

Pointing out Opposition leaders were issuing statement on their own on major issues, Mr. Karunanidhi said it was the wish of the people that either the Governor or the Centre should act immediately to explain the position of the government on these issues.

“Till the Chief Minister recovers and resumes her duties, an arrangement should be made to fulfill the essential needs of the people of the State,” he said.

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