Karnataka: The reason behind the anger in Cauvery Water Dispute


Karnataka: In context of Cauvery water issue, the protest was held in Karnataka yesterday to release the water from Kaveri Nadi to Tamil Nadu. The farmers are facing lots of difficulties to grow the crop as there is no sufficient water available in Karnataka. One of the farmer, Venkatesh discussed that how the rice they grow and eat has run out.

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"My family, which grows rice and which has sold it to feed the town's people for generations, is now dependent on rice from the public distribution system. Is there anything left for me to say?" he asks. 

There are several debates going on amongst the government over the sharing of water between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Also, intense politicking, speeches and street protests are also taking place on the social media.

In 1991, Karnataka suffered huge water loss in Mandya district to grow crops.. The situation could affect everyone in Mandya, including the sizeable Tamilian presence in the district – many farm workers are Tamilian, each village has a Tamil colony and most of the farm equipment comes from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. 

"What are the Tamils here going to eat if we don't grow our rice? Why doesn't anyone understand that it's a human problem, not a language one?" asks Mukudappa, a farmer who took part in a tyreburning protest in Mandya city. 

Mandya district is considered as 'the land of sugar and rice' and 'a prominent agricultural district' on the official website.

The state agricultural departments showcased in year 2015-15 that how paddy and sugarcane cultivation in Mandya district was almost 60 per cent of its target. This year, despite copious rains all over the state, except in the traditionally rain-rich Malnad region, the catchment area for the Cauvery, Sharavathi and Tungabhad rivers, farmers have sown 26,757 hectares of paddy and sugarcane, 63 per cent less than the target of 72,460 hectares. 

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