Kareena Kapoor’s Confession About Being Intimidated By Soha Ali Khan!


One of the fierce leading ladies of Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor Khan never shies away from speaking her mind. Everyone loves her carefree attitude including the media.

But can you even imagine that this actress can intimated by anyone? It’s indeed hard to believe!

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Image result for Kareena KapoorRecently at the book launch of her sister-in-law Soha Ali Khan, titled The Perils Of The Moderately Famous, Kareena Kapoor Khan confessed that she is deeply intimidated by her.


At the book launch, Bebo said, “I’m rarely intimidated by anyone as most people in the media know, except for Soha. I am in awe of her. When I’m at a dinner with Saif and Soha, I don’t understand much either.”

The actress also mentioned that Soha is the brightest one in the family, “She is the torch-bearer of the family. The brightest of all”.

Kareena even revealed she was stunned to see Soha’s being so strong during her father’s death. Kareena’s praises bought tears in her eyes. After seeing tears in Soha’s eyes, both Kareena and Saif cheered her up.

Image result for Kareena Kapoor with hubbyApart from Kareena, Saif also spoke about his sister’s intelligence. He didn’t forget to mention Soha’s highly qualified degrees which they are all proud of. Saif even shared how Soha one day decided to quit her job in Citi Bank and give him competition in the films.

Image result for Kareena Kapoor with hubby

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In-fact Soha’s lovely husband and actor Kunal Khemu also admitted that he was bit surprised when Soha told him about writing a book, “She was pregnant when she decided to write a book, I thought it’s hormonal, but later when I read few of her copies, I was blown away. She is extremely good.”

The entire Pataudi family was present to cheer the new author in the family.