Kareena Kapoor Khan to talk about issue of obesity in online talk show


Kareena Kapoor Khan & celebrity nutrionist Rujuta Diweka will talk about the problems of obesity and malnourishment in online talk show.

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The actress has break all the stereotype things and she will be seen with Rujuta, author of famous novels, "Don't lose your mind, lose your weight” and "The weight loss Tamasha".

Both of them will talk about her secrets to a glowing skin, skinny waist and a razor sharp business mind. They will also discuss about the challenges that a woman face during her pregnancy and how food, exercise and the right attitude can overcome them.

Kareena has also become brand ambassador of Prega News. She said, "It is always an amazing experience to be a part of a leading company like Mankind. I am honoured to be a part of the PregaNews family, which is serving people for decades," Kareena said.

The third part of  online show will cover wholesome, eating right to enhance fruitfulness, building up a mental feast map , how to experience the third trimester of pregnancy, post pregnancy recuperation and the significance of right eating , practice and rest. The show will be live telecasted from September 19, while the second will be live gushed in mid October .

Rujuta Diwekar, "Kareena has advanced extraordinarily throughout the years. Her way to deal with eating solid has pushed ahead from weight reduction to a direction for living that effects biology and economy. Her perspective has extended to advancing nearby products of the soil India's customary cultivating society. She's additionally an UN minister and will talk up against sexual orientation predispositions that jerk into solid living."

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