Kareena Kapoor Khan reveals the best compliment Saif Ali Khan ever paid her


For Kareena Kapoor Khan "the best compliment" till date by her performer maker spouse Saif Ali Khan is for her remix tune Yeh Mera Dil in the 2006-discharged Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Don. Saif discovers her hot in the tune. 

"The hairdo for the tune Yeh Mera Dil was exceptionally provocative. What's more, my better half dependably lets me know despite the fact that you're overweight (in the melody) you looked extremely hot," says Kareena. "That is the best compliment for me," said Kareena at an occasion composed by Adhuna Bhabani's hair salon Bblunt. The Heroine on-screen character is jumpy about trimming her hair and thinks hair has essential impact for a performer to depict a part.

“The entire softness of Rosy in Taalash came out because of her hairstyle. Hair plays an important part in building a character,” she said. The mom-to-be said her pregnancy does not affect her hectic work schedules or her career. “Well I will definitely go on with my normal life. I am a working woman and there is absolutely nothing wrong in that. I love my job and am passionate about my work. I have wanted to became an actress ever since I was in my mother’s womb. So I will continue acting all my life until I am 80.”

Talking about Rohit Shetty’s comment on missing Kareena in Golmaal 4, the 35-year-old actress quipped, “Those who have a role for me will come to me, irrespective of my being pregnant or not. Whichever role I do, I am not going to camouflage it on screen. I am proud of this phase (being pregnant) that I am in and there is nothing to hide about it. Whichever film I choose to do you will see me the way I am. Right now, I am working on dates so it all depends on how I feel,” she added.