Kapil Mishra: Kejriwal indulged in hawala ; AAP denies allegation


NEW DELHI: Dismissed AAP health minister Kapil Mishra told on Friday that AAP convener and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal was involved in hawala transactions, money laundering and black money transactions.

Aam Aadmi Party denied all the charges imposed against Arvind Kejriwal with steadfastly differing demonetisation because it cautioned to finish his “money-laundering” actions.

During the press conference, Kapil Mishra asserted that Kejriwal had put false allegation against Delhi businessman Mukesh Kumar Sharma and told that he contributed Rs 2 crore to AAP.

Kapil Mishra stated that Kejriwal was indulged in fake donations along with a businessman. They took unaccounted money in crores at the time of demonetisation. They were linked to “companies that funnel black money into AAP’s coffers”.

AAP denied all the charges and party leader Sanjay Singh stated, “AAP is all set to face any investigation. No step has been taken against us. Had there been any mistake, no AAP functionary would have been safe. All government agencies can probe and take step if we are wrong.”

Kapil Mishra stated that the main culprit behind this step is recognized as Hem Prakash Sharma. On May 14, Kapil Mishra had revealed the name of Hem Sharma, a businessman who had given money to AAP. “Three companies operated by Mukesh Sharma are linked to Hem Prakash’s companies,” Mishra shared.

“Hem’s company contributed Rs 1 crore, but Mukesh Sharma was made to announce that he had donated the whole Rs 2 crore,” blamed Mishra, while declaring that he had acquired documents from the corporate affairs ministry to finalize Hem Sharma’s status as director in a dozen companies.

Mishra even added that Aam Aadmi Party had made counterfeit letterheads of the four firms that had together contributed Rs 2 crore to made Mukesh Sharma as their director when he was director of only two. Mukesh Sharma was thankful, Mishra said, “to do whatever Kejriwal inquires him” because his firm was set aside from end through deals awarded by the AAP government.