Kanjak Special: The Festival of Puri, Chana and Halwa


Kanjak used to be, and to a certain extent still is, one of my most loved festivals. I wake up to the sweet smell of hot halwa, fleecy pooris and dry masala chanaa, and it makes me grin. Seeing my look my mom swings to let me know how I'm excessively old for kanjak however not very old for the nourishment. At that point, I calmly walk towards the overhang and peep down the railing just to discover young men and young ladies with plastic sacks in their grasp and huge grins over their face going way to entryway, and being welcomed with warm sustenance and reasonable endowments or cash.

Navratri: Day 9 Significance and Celebrations

What is the Significance of Kanjak?

So what's the hugeness? Navratri is a celebration that is committed to the nine incarnations of Maa Durga: Sailaputri, Brahmacharini, Andraghanta, Kusamanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalarati, Mahagauri and Siddhidatri. Also, Kanjak is praised on either ashtami or navami (the eighth or ninth day) of Navratri. It's simply one more method for paying appreciation to the Supreme Goddess. Custom (and my grandma) says that the woman of the house invites nine young ladies into the house by first washing their feet and after that tying moli (red string) around their wrists. These young ladies are situated in a line and given halwa, poori and chole (otherwise called 'bhog') alongside a wide range of endowments: pencil boxes, barrettes, garments and so on. These young ladies that haven't yet hit adolescence are seen as the exemplification of goddess Durga.

Fanciful Roots

Legend has it that Kumari Puja or Kanjak is commended to stamp the day when Goddess Mahakali killed the evil presence Kalasura. It is trusted that he began to irritate both paradise and earth and no one could crush him. With an end goal to stop Kalasura, alternate divine beings drew closer Goddess Mahakali who was reawakened as goddess Durga. She appeared as a young lady and drew closer Kalasura who then let down his monitor, expecting he could battle her without much exertion. And soon thereafter, Goddess Mahakali hauled out her sword and slaughtered him. Another hypothesis recommends that a young lady (kanya/virgin) is worshiped in light of the fact that that is her purest most propitious frame. Later, she goes ahead to accept the part of a spouse and mother (Parvati, Lakshmi), the part of an instructor to her children (Saraswati) and the destroyer of all deterrents (Durga).

What to do on Kanjak?

Generally, on kanjak you should encourage seven to nine young ladies, yet throughout the years these numbers appear to have become lost. Presently, young men are likewise part of the pack and go with the young ladies in their morning Kanjak rounds. My grandma still trusts that the nearness of a young lady tyke conveys fortunes to one's home and family, thus regardless of the fact that she can't discover little mouths to nourish, she considers me one and gives the rest to the children that ask for offerings outside sanctuaries or at movement lights. The festival of Kanjak in itself won't not be something that'll convey forward from era to era, yet the pith of the practice, the way that young ladies of the house ought to be cherished, regarded and treated similarly well, if not superior to the young men ought to be prized until the end of time.

Kanjak Recipes

If you've never celebrated Kanjak and might want to be a part of the festive fervour (if not for spiritual reasons, at least for the food), here's the means by which you can make these delightful dishes at home:1. Halwa – This suji halwa made by Niru Gupta is enhanced with cardamom and embellished with almond bits. You can likewise include pistachio or raisins on the off chance that you like.

2. Puri – Take your time singing these ravishing puris till they're brilliant chestnut and completely risen.

3. Dark Channa Recipe


1 Cup Black Channa

1 teaspoon jeera seeds (cumin)

1 teaspoon red bean stew

1 teaspoon dhaniya powder (coriander powder)

1/2 teaspoon turmeric (optional)

Salt to taste


1. Wash and douse the channa overnight, or till it gets large in size.

2. Heat up the channa in the cooker with salt.

3. Take a skillet and warmth some oil/ghee. Utilize more ghee/oil than regular with the goal that it slaughters the sharp taste of the channa.

4. Include jeera, mirchi and dhaniya powder

5. Deplete the channa and place it in the container with the dry masalas.

6. Give it a chance to cook for around 10 minutes till the water dries out.

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