Kalaburagi: Minor fell into an open overflowing drain


Kalaburagi: On Monday evening a 6-year-old minor boy fell into an overflowing drain after heavy rain. Police officials and fire workers are hunting for the minor boy.

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Krishna Rakesh Hatawala (6), a resident of Mehatar Galli in the city, was playing with others when his ball fell down into the main drain behind the Santrasvadi city bus stop.

The minor went to gather his ball, but suddenly slipped and fell into the drain. His friends conveyed that he got washed away in the heavy rain.

Plow Tuesday afternoon, the body of the minor could not be originated. On Monday evening Kalaburagi city received heavy rain for hours.

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Nearby residents conveys that numerous other drains in the city have been left open and due to rain numerous are overflowing.