Kala Jamun


Kala Jamun is a delicious Indian dessert very similar to Gulab Jamun. It is an exotic sweet dish made with paneer, khoya and saffron. It has a soft saffron filled interior and is tender from inside and hard from the outside. Kala Jamun is a popular sweet dish in Bihar and other parts of Eastern India where it is readily available in sweet shops. But it can also be prepared at home with perfection by following this quick and simple recipe. Try out!


300 gm paneer
4 tablespoon all purpose flour
3 teaspoon corn flour
2 silver vark
100 gm khoya
1 cup melted ghee
2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon powdered green cardamom
For Filling
1 teaspoon saffron
5 tablespoon sugar


  • Crumble together khoya and cottage cheese and mix well. Use your hands to rub the mixture so that no lumps are formed. Add the refined flour and cornflour, and knead well till smooth and soft. Make round balls, make a small hole and add a pinch of sugar and one or two saffron strands in it. Cover and make the ball even. Repeat, till you get 20-25 balls
  • Ensure that your Kala Jamuns are smooth and even and no cracks are formed because in that case your Kala Jamun will become limp and might break once it is dropped in the sugar syrup.
  • In another vessel, bring one cup water to a boil, add sugar and allow it to simmer till the solution becomes thick and is of one string consistency. Add one teaspoon milk and collect the scum on top. Now add a pinch of cardamom powder, stir well and keep aside.
  • Dip them in the sugar syrup and allow them to soak the sweetness for 15 to 20 minutes. Ensure that the sugar solution is warm. This will make the Kala Jamuns soft.
  • Remove, place on a serving bowl. Decorate with silver vark and sprinkle with finely chopped nuts or grated coconut and serve. They taste well both warm and cold. When you will break open this mithai you will fined the melted sugar and saffron ooze out and the taste of this aromatic mixture is simply divine! Enjoy!

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