Kaju Katli



Wish you all a very “Happy Karthigai Deepam”. 
Let your life shine as bright as the “Deepam”, with happiness and joy. 

  1. Raw Cashew (Kaju) Powder – 2 Cups
  2. Sugar – 1 Cup
  3. Water – 1/2 Cup
  4. Ghee (Optional) – 1 Tbsp
  5. Saffron strands – 2 pinches
  6. Silver Leaf – Optional – For decoration


  1. Dry grind the cashews to fine powder and measure 2 cups of the cashew powder.

2.Heat a pan; add the sugar, saffron strands and water. Keep it in medium heat. Stir occasionally and let the sugar syrup heat up until one string consistency.

3.Now, quickly add the cashew powder to the sugar syrup and keep stirring in low-medium flame.

4.The mixture would thicken and start leaving the sides of the pan. At this stage, take a pinch of the mixture and try to make a ball. If the mixture doesn’t stick to your fingers, then it is the perfect consistency. If not, stir for few more minutes till you get to that consistency and turn off the flame.

5.Transfer the mixture to a clean smooth surface or bowl. Let it rest of couple of minutes and then knead the mixture softly with the ghee until the mixture becomes smooth. The mixture will still be very hot. So be careful if you are using your hands. Now, place the mixture on to a butter paper and roll it with a rolling pin to 0.5 cm thickness.

6.While it is still warm, top of with the silver leaf for decoration. However this is purely optional. Cut it into your desired shapes.

7.Enjoy once they come to room temperature.

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