Kabul: Suicide car bomb explosion at supermarket, 95 dead and 158 injured

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At Least 95 people died and more than 150 injured in a bomb blast at a police check post on Saturday at jam-packed Kabul market. As per the reports, the attack was carried out by Taliban group.

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Recently, Taliban attacked at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul leaving 20 people dead.

“The suicide bomber used an ambulance to pass through the checkpoints. He passed through the first checkpoint saying he was taking a patient to Jamuriate hospital and at the second checkpoint he was recognized and blew his explosive-laden car,” leading news agency reported.

The blast occurred at popular Kabul market nearby foreign embassies and government firms.

The explosion led to disordered sight as horrified survivors rushed from the spot and hospitals were beset by several injured victims.

The photographs of the incident have gone viral on the social media. It shows individuals taking the injured victims on their shoulders and shifting bodies into ambulances.

The death toll could rise in the coming days, Baryalai Hilali, the director of the government media centre asserted.

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On Saturday, High alert was implemented after the reports went viral that Islamic State group are deciding to carry out deadly attacks on supermarkets.



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