Kabul: Nearly two militants countervailed as ISIS attack intelligence training centre


Terrorists attacked an intelligence agency training centre in Kabul on Monday in an attack carried out by Islamic State group.

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Armed forces clashed with the terrorists, congregated in a construction site at the National Directorate of Security (NDS) for several hours ahead of attacking nearly two attackers.

“They were well secreted in buildings under construction. We blow up their VBIED and attacked two or three of them,” a source asserted.

Kabul cop spokesman Basir Mujahid affirmed two cop officers were wounded in the attack but there were no resident fatalities.

At the time of attack, several roads were blocked and dozens of cops and intelligence officers disrupted access to the public.

Ever since May 31, security in Kabul was raised after a huge truck bomb explosion held in the city that takes the lives of 150 people and injuring 400 others.

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“I was departing toward my school. It (the attack) happened abruptly… The cops reached to the area fast and seized the roads, not permitting anybody to get to their residences,” Naweed, a student stated.