Kabul : 4 killed as suicide bombers hit Shiite mosque


KABUL: Following the holy month of Ramzan, suicide bombers hit a jam-packed Shiite mosque in Kabul on Thursday that takes the lives of four people in several militant attacks.

Nearly eight others were injured when the suicide bombers exploded themselves in the kitchen of Al Zahra mosque. The incident was held after police stopped them from going inside the prayer hall crowded with worshippers.

After the attacks, several people of Kabul demanded the resignation of President Ashraf Ghani from his government over soaring rickety.

“Terrorist attack on Al Zahra mosque in west of Kabul,” ministry spokesman Najib Danish stated.  “Three civilians and one policeman was killed and eight others were wounded.” He added.

No group has been found involved in the attack till now. The people are claiming that Islamic State militants was behind the attack as they had earlier too carried out attacks in Kabul.

In 2016, Afghanistan faced several attacks on Shiites held by IS, which regard as Shiite Muslims apostates.

The attack was held when worshippers were making arrangement for an all-night occasion on a night of Ramadan.

General John Nicholson, the top US commander in Afghanistan, has promised to beat the local IS associate in 2017.

Earlier, the US military even dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb in April on an IS group in eastern Afghanistan. During the explosion, several jihadists got dead, but the group still seems to be flexible.

Islamic State warriors this week caught Tora Bora, a mountain give in complex in eastern Afghanistan that was previously the refuge of Osama canister Laden, in spite of weight on the jihadists from US-drove powers.

Kabul has been nervous since a huge truck bomb on May 31 murdered more than 150 individuals and injured hundreds in the city’s sustained strategic quarter, the deadliest assault in the Afghan capital since 2001.

Days after the fact dissidents angered by the bombarding conflicted with police, provoking specialists to react with live adjusts, which left no less than four individuals dead.

Independently, suicide planes tore through a column of grievers at the memorial service for one of the dissenters, slaughtering no less than seven more individuals.

The massacre amid the blessed fasting month of Ramadan has left the Afghan capital shaken, with hostile to government dissenters enraged by the brutality setting up a sit-in camp near the May 31 bombarding site.