Kabaddi World Cup: India win against Bangladesh


India won their second amusement in succession with a far reaching win against Bangladesh by a score of 57-20. Ajay Thakur(11) and Pradeep Narwal (8) were the stars of the diversion for the Indians with the last gaining touch focuses in 5 back to back strikes. India began the amusement with the same group that was so powerful against Australia with Jasvir Singh and Mohit Chhillar not able to crush spirit into the group after the South Korea overcome.

Arduzzaman Munshi of Bangladesh got the hosts going with an unfilled attack. India got off to a terrible begin when Anup Kumar was handled by Ferdous Sheik gaining the Bangladesh side the primary purpose of the amusement. Nonetheless, India were put on the scoreboard by Pardeep Narwal who affected a touch-out on Zakir Hossian. The scoreboard after the underlying trades read 2-2. India were the by proceed after Anup Kumar could score a reward point, and the Indian Captain wasn't done getting Ziaur Rahman sent back after a solid lower leg hold giving India a two-point lead without precedent for the match.

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Bangladesh, be that as it may, were in no state of mind to surrender as Ferdous Sheik won them two sequential handle focuses on Deepak Hooda and Anup Kumar individually. Sandeep Narwal's touch on Tuhin Tarafder implied that India were back ahead and as the weight fabricated again when Manjeet Chhillar handled Arduzzaman Munshi to the ground.

With the score at 6-4, Pardeep Narwal went out of control getting a cap trap of fruitful attacks sending Ferdous Sheik, Zakir Hossain and Sabuj Mia back to the seat in several minutes. Assembled with Surjeet's handle on Al Mamun India finished the full scale and took a summoning lead of 13-4. Bangladesh began again unequivocally with Arduzzaman Munshi touching Sandeep Narwal asking the last to take a hike and conveying a conclusion to a 9-0 Indian run. Pardeep Narwal began where he had left off gaining a touch point on Sabuj Mia.

 Dharmaraj Cheralathan made his first commitment by handling Zakir Hossain. Ajay Thakur, who was astounding in the amusement against Australia, got his first purpose of the diversion in the wake of touching Tuhin Tarafder out of the amusement. Bangladesh reacted with a reward point, however as Pardeep Narwal advanced into the Bangladesh zone it was clear the Indian was in the zone as he came back with another touch point making it five in succession for the looter.

 Sulieman Kabir's fruitful assault was immediately trailed by Ajay Thakur giving back where its due. Ajay Thakur to the amusement by the scruff of the neck and sent both Sabuj Mia and Zakir Hossain to the seat. Being the last man standing, Sulieman Kabir attempted to go up against Manjeet Chhillar yet discovered his adversary prepared for the test.

 Despite the fact that there was a hard and fast, Kabir could procure his group a reward point with the scoreboard perusing 24-9. Ajay Thakur, removing a page from Narwal's book, scored another touch point before Anup was handled out of the amusement. Athalf-time the score read 26-10. As the second half began, the group were astonished to see Ajay Thakur return without a point. Arduzzaman Munshi's touch on Manjeet Chhillar made no difference as Ajay Thakur leveled it out touching Sabuj Mia out of the match.

Ajay Thakur took the score to 29-12 after a touch on Tuhin Tarafder before Narwal joined the activity acquiring a touch point on Zakir Hossain. Sulieman Kabir replayed a point from the primary half as he was handled by Manjeet Chhillar, however scored a reward point for Bangladesh. Ajay Thakur and Pardeep Narwal both scored focuses wiping out Sabuj Mia and Arduzzaman Munshi to convey Bangladesh more like a third full scale, which was implemented in the following attack when Ruhul Amin was handled by Surender Nada.

 A reward point ensured India achieved 40 focuses for a brief moment amusement in succession and Bangladesh battling with only 14. Zakir Hossain was ceased in his tracks by Ajay Thakur, whose amazing was conveyed to end by Sabuj Mia. Taking after Deepak Hooda's touch on Ruhul Amin and Surender Nada handle on Jahangir Alam, India's score was only one shy of 50, that they achieved when Tuhin Tarafder was handled by Ajay Thakur to exact another hard and fast on the Bangladeshis.

 Nitin Tomar's touch on Ruhul Amin ensured India equalled their most noteworthy score of the competition and Surender Nada's handle on Zakir Hossain took them a point advance with the scoreboard perusing 55-18. The last two minuted of the amusement were played out with no genuine pace as the distinction in class was entirely obvious. The last score read 57-20 as India turned their consideration regarding the following amusement against Argentina on Saturday.

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