Judgement of Narsingh Yadav doping case to be announced on Saturday or Monday


NEW DELHI: Wrestler Narsingh Yadav has failed the dope test which was held just few days back. He was tested positive for an anabolic steroid.

Yadav claimed that his rivals hatched a conspiracy against him to frame him just before the Rio Olympics.  

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In context of this matter, the case was registered against him by the police on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the crowd gathered in support of Wrestler Narsingh Yadav as NADA disciplinary panel heard arguments to decide the Mumbai grappler's fate.

The judgement on the case will be announced on Saturday or Monday, the panel said.

 The case was registered based on the Rule 10.4 in WADA’s 2016 Code which states that an athlete must establish how the substance entered into his/her body and show that such specified substance was not intended to enhance his performance in the arena.

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The argument was made by National Anti-Doping Agency (Nada) under Rule 2.1. However, NADA asserted that the presence of a prohibited substance or its metabolites or markers in an athlete's sample showed lack of utmost duty and care by Narsingh.

"The hearing has concluded today and a judgment will come likely on Saturday or Monday. The argument advanced by Nada is that Narsingh is not eligible for the remission he has been asking for. He has to establish no fault and non-negligence and he has not been able to establish that as per Nada's contention. He has argued that he should not be banned at all," Kanth said.

"The argument that was advanced by them (Narsingh) is that they are eligible for remission as per clause 10.4. But our argument is that Narsingh is not eligible because they have to show that they have no fault and negligence as far as the contamination is concerned," he pointed out.

"We have stated that the plea taken by him is not correct and will not hold any ground as far as Nada is concerned," he said.

On June 25 and July 5, Narsingh Yadav was tested positive for anabolic substance methandienone.

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"Both the test results were before this panel and being considered by them. It is in continuation and as per Nada panel, it is one offence. The quantum can be four years or can be reduced to two years," said Kanth.

Despite the odds, the World Championship bronze medallist is still optimistic that the panel will rule in his favour. "I have put forward my side of the truth, now it is for the panel to decide. I am still hopeful of going to Rio and have been training continuously. I still stand by my statement that I was framed as I have never doped in my long wrestling career," he said.

"NADA counsel gave their counter-arguments. But our case is strong. I think we just have to wait till Saturday," he added.