Judge asks 5-Year-Old to help him decide his father’s punishment, video gone viral


It’s not every day you see a kid in the court. Five-year-old Jacob just happened to accompany his father to the court. His father was charged for parking his car in the wrong spot. When the judge spots the little one inside the chambers, he chooses to invite him up to his bench.

After a couple of friendly chat with Jacob, the judge requests his help to decide punishment for a traffic violation by his dad. He gives him three choices.

“I can fine him $90. I can charge him $30. Or I can charge him with nothing. What do you think I should do?”, the judge asks.

What happens next is truly remarkable. The kid’s answer surprises the whole court house including the judge himself.

“You’re a pretty good judge,” he says.

The video already has more than 8 million views on Facebook in less than a day. Watch the video to discover what he said.

Social media was equally impressed with how the kid took care of the case without being partial toward his father even for a small offense like a parking ticket. His answer eventually got his father out of the situation.

“What a wise judge for him to bring the child to the stand, since children are luckily at that age showed right from wrong.. I love how he ensured father didn’t just escape with it but knowing what the judge did for his family, that is nothing but inspiring. If anything that would change your mindset on life,” said a client.

“I would be glad if that was my child. He understood that his father did something he should not have done so he has to get punished. He didn’t state 30 to upset his dad. He realizes what is wrong and right,” said another.

The scenes are from the Providence Municipal Court in Rhode Island, US and the judge is 80-year-old Frank Caprio. The proceedings of the court are broadcast on a TV show called “Caught in Providence” and mostly features small traffic related offences.