Jordanian Writer Shot Dead Outside Court For His Cartoon Mocking Islam


A Jordanian essayist who was accused of culpable Islamic opinions after he posted a sarcastic toon on Facebook has been shot dead.

A shooter shot Nahed Hattar on Sunday outside the court where he had gone for his trial after supposedly posting a cartoon on his Facebook page. His post obviously affronted the religious slants of many people in the country.Nahed Hattar was hit by three projectiles that executed him. He was remaining outside the court in the capital city, Amman.

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The 39-year old Riad Abdullah (the shooter) has been captured. He was an outstanding fanatic in the city and Muslim minister in a nearby mosque.

Hattar was arrested in August for 15 days on charges of offending God and posting a picture with disparaging substance identified with the religion.

This touched off a considerable measure of fury on online networking, that at long last brought about the assault. Hattar was conceived a Christian however he was a skeptic all his life. He said he had not intended to bring about offense and needed to uncover radical Islamists’ perspective of paradise.

Hattar’s family and supporters, in any case, trust that it was the administration that fuelled the whole episode, which brought about his death.”The PM was the first who actuated against Nahid when he requested his capture and put him on trial for sharing the toon, and that touched off the general population against him and prompted his slaughtering,” the author’s cousin, Saad Hattar said.

“The legislature will hit with an iron hand on every one of the individuals who misuse this wrongdoing to communicate discourses of scorn to our group.” said a representative to the Petra news organization.

Hattar earned himself a great deal of disdain throughout the years with his questionable kid’s shows.

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