Jobless man allegedly committed suicide in Delhi


New Delhi: The body of a 35-year-old man who allegedly committed suicide by consuming Sulphas tablets on Saturday was found inside a guest room near Narela railway station.

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According to police, the victim Sagar Singh was a guest teacher at a school in Haryana, but had lost his job last year after he had an argument with a few colleagues. Family members told the police that he was very depressed since he lost his job, and had been trying to get work in either Delhi or in Haryana unsuccessfully.

Family members said that Singh left from his house in Tajpur village, and told them that he is going for a job interview in Delhi and he would return after two days. He had also asked his family not to call him, as he might get distracted and lose this job opportunity as well.

Singh had checked in at the Nandimal guest house on Friday and switched off his phone. Another person staying in the same room had gone out to visit someone, when the incident occured. The roommate came back after a few hours, but no one responded from the other side when he and the guest house's owner knocked repeatedly. They informed the police, who broke open the door and saw Singh's body lying on the floor.

Police said that his family members were informed and his body was sent for post mortem, the reports of which are awaited. A few sulphas tablets were found lying near the body. Police suspect that he might have consumed those to commit suicide.

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