JNU told to disclose steps taken to ward off Thefts on Campus


Jawaharlal Nehru University should pro-actively reveal steps taken to avert the threat of robbery which has recently tormented the organization as it is presumed that guilty parties could shroud some place inside the grounds, the Central Information Commission had said.

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The issue surfaced amid a hearing before the CIC where an appealing party looked for harms from the college for a robbery that occurred at his home inside the grounds.

The college said it was difficult to find out honesty of cases and requests for giving pay without bills or vouchers from the appealing party as it can just pay harms if the litigant demonstrates the misfortune really endured by him and on the off chance that it was because of carelessness of respondent power (JNU).

It said appellants Jamal Ahmed and SJ Ashraf did not present the vouchers required.

"The direct of the litigant and his delegate offer ascent to suspicion about his claim. Officers communicated disappointment at the rehashed RTI applications and representations at various fora without releasing their obligation," Information Commissioner Sridhar Acharyulu noted. He said the Commission additionally has spent a few days in listening to his offers on similar subject.

"It can be derived from non-reaction to demands from Chief Security Office and others to submit unique verifications of responsibility for called stolen great that appellants have nothing to say in regards to robbery. Any more thought of their bids will bring about wastage of time of people in general powers including CIC, which implies the loss of open cash," he said.

While Mr Acharyulu rejected the offers, he communicated worries over reports of robbery in the JNU.

"This involves genuine concern. Despite the fact that it is unrealistic to entirely translate that JNU ought to be vicariously subject for wrongdoing of robbery specifically, there is a general duty on the powers of JNU to take measures to keep these occurrences and to reinforce security and if there is any slip by in such aversion the powers will be vicariously at risk as indicated by standards of convoluted obligation," he said.

Mr Acharyulu said the Commission prescribes JNU to uncover on their official site furthermore educate the staff living in the grounds about the preventive measures taken including group policing, procedure of looking for pay and time allotment and so on for the same, as quickly as time permits.

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