With J&K on board, country integrated economically, says Finance Minister Arun Jaitley


New Delhi: Finance minister Arun Jaitley conveyed that with the course of Goods and Service Tax legislation by the Jammu & Kashmir, the nation, which was politically included had currently involve economically.

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Jaitely further conveyed that the first move towards the varying tax regime was made by the Atal Bihari Vajpayee administration 17 years back and not by the Congress. Finance Minister further added that, in the past 70 years, this is the initial time that the nation had become economically incorporated, at a felicitation function organization by BJP.

The Jammu & Kashmir users also feel they are incorporated with India and it is helpful for us. Jammu and Kashmir was the only state that had not accepted a legislation to execute the GST yet following on 1st July; the new indirect tax reforms were rolled out.

He further added that separatist had extended the propaganda that GST should not be executed in Jammu and Kashmir or else there will be “financial mixing of the state.” The Centre then emphasize to the state that its populace will lose as they will pay tax twofold over inspite of just one GST, making goods expensive to them. I wrote to Mehbooba Mufti conveying that goods will become expensive (if you don’t execute GST).

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So you have to select a way of either departing with the separatists or thinking for the welfare of the populace of the state. On Wednesday Jammu & Kashmir gathering accepted the resolution to execute the new tax reforms and it currently needed Presidential concur to execute the new tax regime in the state.