Jim Carrey once again sued over the death of his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White


Comedian-actor Jim Carrey has been once again sued over the demise of his ex Cathriona White.

Following in the footsteps of Ms White's better half Mark Burton who blamed Mr Carrey for giving her sexually transmitted diseases prior to her death a year ago, the late make-up craftsman's family has now documented a claim against the performer and made comparable cases.

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The most recent wrongful death claim was recorded in the Los Angeles Superior Court by Ms White's mom Brigid Sweetman. She asserted that the Dumb and Dumber To star intentionally gave her girl three STDs, verbally manhandled her and supplied her with the illicit medications she took to murder herself. Calling Mr Carrey "merciless," "abominable," "over the top" and "unadulterated shrewdness", Ms Sweetman expressed in her report that Mr Carey went to a therapeutic facility in January 2013 and enrolled under the name "Jose Lopez" before he tried positive for the STDs.

But, he didn't inform Ms White concerning it. When she discovered she had STDs, she went up against Mr Carrey who then dumped her and attempted to quiet her.

In the suit, Ms Sweetman likewise affirmed that Mr Carrey utilized the name "Arthur King" to get "exceedingly addictive" illicit medications which he gave to Ms White, whom he knew was inclined to gloom and had beforehand attempted to submit suicide.

"Jim Carrey ought to be embarrassed about what he did to my girl. Furthermore, he ought to be embarrassed for how he has utilized his Hollywood lawyers to insult Cat's better half Mark with the trust that no one will consider him in charge of what he did," Ms Sweetman, who's spoken to by Burton's legal advisor Michael Avenatti, said in an announcement.

"As a family, we need the world to know reality about who Jim Carrey truly is – a man that will give your girl three STDs, lie about it, call her horrible names and belittle her, utilization his costly legal advisors to attempt and quiets her and her family down, and afterward give her illicit medications," she proceeded.

"Each mother and father that has a girl ought to peruse Cat's transcribed letter to Jim and choose for themselves what sort of a person he truly is," she said.

Mr Carrey's group has reacted to the new claim. His legal advisor Marty Singer marked it another sham as he brought up that Ms White had a "hostile relationship" with her mother and even had cut ties with her before she passed on.

"It is justifiable that a mother who has lost a little girl will search for somebody to fault. Be that as it may, in guiding her sadness and fury at Jim Carrey and joining this crazy legal counselor's endeavor to profit by Cathriona's suicide, Mrs. Sweetman is heading down an indistinguishable dull way from Cathriona's green-card "spouse," Mark Burton," Mr Singer expressed.

"Cathriona regularly bemoaned about her argumentative association with her mom, how she was compelled to leave home at 15 years old, and how they had been alienated for a considerable length of time," he said.

Mr Singer regarded Mr Burton's claim an endeavor to blackmail cash from Mr Carrey. Protecting his customer, he said that Ms White wedded Mr Burton in 2013 so she could stay in the US. The match didn't live in the same state taking after their wedding.

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