‘Jigisha’s killers deserve to die’, says Sabita Ghosh


“The men who killed my daughter did not show an iota of remorse for the past seven years. They are beyond reform, and deserve to die,” said Sabita Ghosh, victim mother.

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“Killing women without any provocation had become a habit for them. If they do not die, they will kill other people,” said the 58-year-old mother.

“Neither Jigisha nor the other victims had harmed these killers in any way. My daughter is gone forever, but no one deserves to die that way,” said Sabita.

She told that “killers deserve to die.”  While his father told that he was happy with the decision. He added that, “We cannot get back our daughter, but justice has been served,” said Jigisha’s father.

“Along with our daughter, the murderers killed us. Since then, we had dedicated our lives to seeking justice for Jigisha,” said Sabita.

Jigisha’s parents even got the threat calls after their daughter was killed by the accused. The callers wanted to know where the couple lived but somehow police hadn’t informed them. The couple had told the police not to reveal their actual address.

The investigation was done by IPS officer H.G.S Dhaliwal.

In 2009, the accused kidnapped and killed Jigisha after she got off her office cab around 4 a.m. near her Vasant Kunj home. After killing her, they used the ATM cards of the victim. “Apart from an eyewitness who had seen the killers abducting the victim, they were captured on CCTVs at various places as they went about buying watches, TV and shoes using Jigisha’s ATM cards,” said a senior officer.

Jigisha was seen wearing a  gold chain and a sapphire studded ring in a CCTV footage. These jewellery items had been identified by Jigisha’s parents.

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