Jharkhand: Nearly six people thrashed to death on doubt of being child lifters


Jharkhand: At Least six people were beaten to death by villagers in about three places in Jharkhand on Thursday over doubt that they were child lifters.

The agitated villagers burnt down the vehicles of police officials on Thursday during the incident.

Two people were thrashed to death in Sosomoli village, DIG (Kolhan region) Prabhat Kumar stated. While, local residents thumped another man to death in Shobhapur village of Jharkhand on Thursday.

About three people died in Nagadih during the violence.

Anand stated when a police team rushed to the spot, agitated villagers began hurling stones at the police leading to injuries. About two vehicles were broken in the violence.

As per DIG Prabhat Kumar, villagers accountable for the first two killings have been found and action will be taken against the accused.

Thursday’s occurrences come seven days after two individuals were pounded the life out of and the same number of were harmed by a swarm on doubt that they were tyke lifters in Uranium township of Jadugora in East Singhbhum locale.

Taking after the occurrence, the police had requested that the villagers not pay notice to gossipy tidbits.